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Progressive web apps are a hybrid of website and mobile application, where we combine features of modern browsers with the benefits of mobile applications. Progressive web apps are install-able, fast and reliable.

A PWA lets you install the application from the browser window itself, is available on your phone like a native app, and works offline, just like a native app. PWA’s can bring native app-like experiences and functionality to the mobile web, they can be an extremely efficient way to deliver your digital experiences.

Why Progressive Web App?

Studies suggest Progressive web apps eliminate the unnecessary downloading and installation stages. Another key benefit of PWA is its discover-ability.  It’s just like any other website, and can be found via major search engines, social shares, and links from other websites.  Progressive Web apps allows us to send push notification also which drives the engagement by keeping the user notified and engaged with App.

The following metrics can be understand why we need PWA:

FAST: Fast refers to the time it takes to get meaningful content on screen and to provide an interactive experience. Getting the app was so easy! But that’s not even the best part. When you open this app, you will be able to browse the content even when you do not have internet. You have offline access to the app! By enabling background processing, which accelerates page load time tremendously, PWA’s deliver a much faster experience.

RELIABLE: By pre-caching key resources we can eliminate the dependence on the network ensuring instant and reliable experience for users. Service workers written in JavaScript runs in background and allowing to control how network requests from the page are handled. With the help of these service workers, we can reliably serve content on user screen even when network has failed.

Engaging: Web push notification allows help to drives engagement by keeping the user notified and engaged with App.
Lancôme rebuilds their mobile website as a PWA, increases conversions 17%

Case Studies

Here is the list of some major brand names which reinforced there mobile efforts and launched PWA’s.

Pinterest: Pinterest experienced a 44% increase in ad revenue rate and a 60% increase in user engagement. 

StarBucks: Starbucks launched their PWA in 2017, since the launch, Starbucks reported a 2x increase in their daily active users.

Forbes: Forbes registered 43% more sessions per user and a 20% increase in ad viewability, and tripled scroll depth.

Twitter: Twitter launched its PWA in 2017 twitter achieved a 65% increase in pages per session, a 75% increase in Tweets sent, and a 20% lower bounce rate implemented a PWA and saw nearly a 4x reduction in page load time and a 31% improvement in conversion rate.

You can checkout more case studies:

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